Thursday, October 23, 2014

Just a bit of silly fun

For years I've tried my best to keep a diary.  Each time I purchase a beautiful leather bound book from Barnes and Noble, I swear to myself that this will be the time I make it happen.  But after only few entries, laziness sets in and I abandon my new journal each and every time.

The main reason I started this blog is to keep track of the silly little things that make life a little more interesting.  Sure, posting on Facebook is easy, but my photos there are often unorganized and the captions limited.

This blog will be my way of remembering where I have been, what I have eaten, and other useless info that I do not want to forget. It may seem shallow during these times of need posting endless photos of ice cream, pie and beer, but it never hurts to take a moment for some fun.

Just to get the ball rolling, I am going to post some photos from Halloween past, along with a few items I made for Valentine's Day one year.

Maybe I will be better about typing than I am about writing in my journal. I guess we shall see.

The Jilted Bride 2012

Wedding Treats from the Grave

The bride scratched out of the eyes in her photos, to hide her shame from her loved ones.

Being a bride is hard work, especially when the groom dumps you in a swamp.

Braaainnnns! Realy, they are Oreos in chocolate casings

Zombie Valentine 2012 - Brain cupcakes and zombie graves

Zombie Valentine - 2012

Killer Clowns - Halloween 2013
Captain Pickles and his friend, Gerkin

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